My name is Jo Eckardt. I lived in New York for 19 years teaching German at NYU and working for the UN. In 2001 I returned to Berlin. Even though I still miss New York, I don’t regret the move. Berlin is a great place and I’d love to show it to you! I started doing tours as a private guide in 2003, shortly after moving to Berlin. I have a Ph.D. as well as a MSW from NYU. My oldest son was born in New York, he was part of the reason why I came back to Germany. Whether you travel alone, with family, or in a group, I will help you plan your trip and show you around once you get here: On foot, by car, or by bus. Get the support you would get from a friend or relative! My team is trained to provide the best quality of private tours in deferent languages as Thai, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, English.

There is so much to see in Berlin. What we will show you depends on your schedule and your interests:

Cruise Ship Excursions from Warnemünde - Rostock to Berlin:

I offer a special service for cruise ship passengers who dock in Warnemünde or Rostock. A Mercedes mini-van (seats up to 6 passengers) or coach (more than 6 passengers) will pick you up from the ship and transport you to Berlin. I or a colleague will join the bus and take you on a 6-hour tour of Berlin. You will see all the major sights of Berlin. We will also make special stops depending on your interests (Jewish Museum, Pergamon Museum, Reichstag, the Berlin Wall….). You will then be transported back to your ship in time. These tours are completely individualized.

Shore Excursions from Hamburg to Berlin:

If you arrive in Hamburg, we can arrange for you to be picked up and be brought into Hamburg for your private tour in Berlin. You can also take the train (only 1.5 hours). Either way, we would meet you in Berlin and tour the city according to your schedule and interests. We can also have someone meet you in Hamburg and take you to the train station.

We also provide the following Special Interest Tours:

Jewish Berlin: The Holocaust Memorial, the New Synagogue, the Old Jewish Cemetery (presently being renovated), the Missing House, the Jewish Museum…

World War II tours: A walking tour could begin at Potsdamer Square, the busiest intersection in the 30s. We would then walk down Niederkirchstraße, formerly called Prinz-Albrecht-Straße. This was where the SS and the Gestapo had their headquarters. Today it is an open-air exhibit called “Topography of Terror”…

Cold War Tours: There are several places where you can still see remains of the Wall, or even a former Watch Tower: The East Side Gallery is the longest stretch of the wall remaining, whereas the Documentation Center Wall allows you to look at the actual “Death Strip” between the two walls…

Tours for Architects: See why Berlin is so exciting from an architectural viewpoint. Some of the possible sights: Various embassies, individual buildings on Potsdam Square, GSW- and Rossi buildings, communist architecture, Soviet Memorial in Treptower Park…

Visit a Geman family at home: Enjoy an evening in the house of nice English-speaking people who will meet with you, cook with you, show you their home, and do other fun things. Ask me about this new feature!

Art tours: If your interest is in museums, modern art and galleries, we have special guides who can design a special day for you!

Jo Eckardt and Team

Your Private Tour Guides in Berlin