Our Team is from Corfu, between 30-40 years old. We are married with children. We all speak English fluently.

We are professional Taxi Drivers, members of the Taxi Owners Association of Corfu, with an average of 15 years experience.

Our cars, brand new elegant Mercedes Benz, are comfortably air conditioned luxury vehicles, with a high safety standard fully insured, ready to offer the pleasure to explore.

We are referring to all of you who would like within a short tour, to discover all the beauties in one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. We have the ability to make your pass from our island an unforgettable experience for a lifetime, by preparing a meal by the sea, or arrange a swim in one of the most clear beaches with incredibly blue water, and of course to show you around the island of Corfu, and the Capital which is one of the most impressive cities in Greece.

If you already are in Corfu for a few hours, or your stay here is limited, if your real goal is to find out why Corfu has became such an attractive destination, trust the knowledge, the experience and the high quality services and you will leave the island with the best impressions.


To reach the Palace Achilleon we travel 10 kilometers south from Corfu, passing from the traditional unspoilt village of Kinopiastes untouched from the time.The Palace Achilleon was built in 1889 by the empress of Austrian and Hungary Elizabeth or “Sissy” , as she was known with her nickname. Visit the gardens with the view to the endless blue and take pictures of the famous ancient Greek hero Achilles as the palace owns its name to him. A place where you can feel the glory of the past.

Mouse Island - Kanoni Vlacherna

The most picturesque place not only on the island but in Greece, if not in the whole world. The emblem of Corfu.

Kanoni is a suburb of Corfu about 2 kilometers south from the present capital. The place where was the ancient city and the Roman Baths. From Kanoni you have view of the Mouse island, a small island in front of the run way of the airport, with a small Byzantine church of the 15th cen, which you can reach through organized boat trips.

Paleokastritsa - Lakones

Probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Breathtaking, magnificent view from Lakones of the Western coast of Corfu.

Visits: Bella Vista from the top of the heart shaped bays of Paleokastritsa.

Lakones: A traditional village of the 16th cen. Built at the top of the mountain, the monastery of Blessed Virgin Mary of the 13th cen.

Dimitris and Team