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The tour is ideal for people who love exploring historic sites, picturesque sceneries, spectacular views and experiencing the taste of what the local cuisine has to offer. Greek Gastronomy is known for delicious foods and wines, all of which are highly recommended to cruise ship passengers, those dropping by plane for a day, or visitors who plan on staying for only a brief period.

Private Tour Overview - Full Day

Private Tour Details

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(Stop Photos) = Stop and get out of the vehicle for photos from outside of the Sight/Building (Guided Tour) (stay close to vehicle)

(Stop Visit Photos) Stop and visit - go inside the Sight/building with your tour guide for photos and Guided Walking Tour

Private Tour Activity Level: Moderate (or "Easy" if you skip the Acropolis of Lindos)

Private Tour Guide English speaking experienced licensed tour guide specialize in Private Tours

Private Tour Driver English speaking professional driver specialize in Private Tours

Private Tour Vehicle: Mercedes Benz - Depend on the size of your group

Private Tour Start Time: 8:30 AM. Or later. If you are a Cruise Ship Passenger - depend on your cruise ship dock time.

Private Tour Meeting Point: Cruise Port / Hotel / Airport (Meeting point varies depending on option booked)

Private Tour Description:

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Upon reaching your designated point, you will be driven to the Medieval City, a World Heritage Site. You will make a brief stop at the D’Amboise Gate where you can take pictures of the environment. This marks the beginning of your Guided Walking Tour with your tour guide. You will make a tour of the most iconic monuments of the Old Town, (for pictures from outside) including the following: Grand Masters Palace, Street of the Knights, Ruins of Sent John Cathedral, Archeological Museum, Byzantine Museum (Stop Photos) Reaching Marina Gate will mark the end of your walking tour.


The next phase of your journey begins towards the entrance of the Old Harbor, where according to tradition the famous Colossus of Rhodes once stood tall. Your tour guide will make a brief stop at this location so you can take photographs of the place. Guided Tour (Stop Visit Photos)


You will be driven up the hillside to Monte Smith, giving you the best of the city’s landmarks from the comforts of your vehicle. Towards the left lies the temple of Apollo against the contrasting blue water of the Aegean Sea on the right. (Stop Photos)


In your journey to Lindos, you will drive across 50 km / 32 miles of the east coast of the island, catching glimpses of the picturesque villages.


You will make a brief stop at the local pottery workshop where the famous pottery of Rhodes is produced. Here, you can witness firsthand how the potter works at his wheel to makes these wonderful pieces of art. Guided Tour (Stop Visit Photos)


Next stop is for free Olive Oil Taste. Here you can taste a big variety of different flavors of olive oil infused with dried herbs, examples include chilies, thyme, hot peppers, rosemary, garlic, oregano, and sun-dried tomatoes. You can also taste some of the local wines. (Stop Visit Taste Photos)


The coast provides an excellent vantage point that provides you with a bird’s eye view of the Acropolis of Lindos, with the tiny white village studded across the visually striking bay below. (Stop Photos)


You will make your way to St. Paul’s Bay, just south of Lindos, where the apostle Paul is said to have landed in the year 51 AD to preach Christianity to the Rhodians. You can also see the cave where the famous film “The Guns of Navarone” was filmed. Guided Tour (Stop Photos) This will mark the end of your driving journey.


Your Guided Walking Tour of Lindos Village starts here. You will make your way through the village, walking up narrow cobblestone steps uphill until you reach the summit of the Acropolis of Lindos. Here, you can see the ancient remains of past civilizations. (Stop Visit Photos)


Your return journey from Lindos will include a stop for some delicious snacks and lunch at a picturesque seaside village right near the Mediterranean Sea’s edge. (at your own expense). Here, you can indulge in the best that Greek Gastronomy has to offer, including fresh seafood, local cuisine and excellent local wines.


Your guided tour will include a strikingly beautiful driveway along the coastal sandy beach of Faliraki and the blue turquoise Kallithea Spa.


After you make your stop back to Rhodes Town, you can choose to stay at your hotel or your ship. You can also opt to take a free time for independent tour of the Old Town by stopping near the city gates. In which case you will be responsible for your own return to the ship, which is docked a quarter of a mile away for easy access.

Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Q: Can we stop from time to time to take photos?

A: There will be plenty of time. The headsets you wear will make sure you hear the tour guide as long as you stay within 25-50 feet. This’ll give you the freedom to move around and enjoy the tour, instead of huddling together. The guide will make sure every guest can experience the tour without missing important landmarks.

+ Q: We are two persons, but we need a driver and a licensed tour guide. Is it compulsory a minimum number of passengers for this type of tours?

A: No. The tour is private and sufficient even with one person. If you need to reduce the individual cost, we would suggest having more people in your party.

+ Q: There are four more people would like to join the tour with us, can we add them to our group?

A: Any last-minute additions to the number of passengers must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance so we can check for availability and update your reservation. In order to comply with Port Authority and Security, we provide the tour only for the number of passengers declared in the reservation.

+ Q: What is the entrance fee for the Acropolis of Lindos?

A: It’s 12 Euros per person for Adults, 6 Euros for seniors (with Id or Passport) and no charge for those under 18. The village of Lindos doesn’t have an entrance fee at all.

+ Q: In case we decide to not climb to the Acropolis – is it possible to photograph it from the bottom? Is the climb difficult and are there handrails?

A: The stairs are perfectly OK. The risers are 5-7 inches, and the treads measure up to 18-24 inches. These aren’t fitted with handrails on either side. You can photograph from the bottom, but you’ll get the good stuff on top.

+ Q: Not all from our group maybe enthusiastic about the climb to the Acropolis of Lindos.

A: That’s quite alright. Those that don’t want to climb can explore Lindos village instead. The two groups can meet at a prearranged location and time afterward.

+ Q: How long will the stay be at Lindos? How long will the climb up and down the Acropolis take?

A: The usual staying time at Lindos is 1.5 hours. However, it can vary depending on the travelers. (In case you need to spend more time in Lindos we need advance notice, on time of booking, as we must adjust the tour to your needs and wishes)

+ Q: My Grand mother will be travelling with us. Since she won’t be able to make the climb, is there something for her to do while we climb the Acropolis?

A: Yes, we can drive her to a café just outside the white village where she can enjoy a spectacular view of the village and the Acropolis of Lindos. You may also look at our Seniors Tours in Rhodes

+ Q: How long is the walk back to the ship from the gate near the Palace of Grand Master and the Archaeological Museum?

A: It normally takes 10 minutes, but you can go at your own leisurely pace, enjoying the sights of the Old Town.

+ Q: What are Rhodes’ famous delicacies and signature foods? Is there something we shouldn’t miss? What about a souvenir shop?

A: The traditional food and wines of Rhodes are delicious, the ceramics are to die for, and the beautiful Rhodes Beaches

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