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We started offering high-quality private tours of Rhodes in 1984 and have been online since 1998. We are pioneers in the field, being the first to offer such services on the island. Every year, we refine and expand our services. Our associate professional tour/drivers and licensed tour guides are natives of Rhodes and they always try to find new ways to share their love of this island with you.

We have set up this website to share our love of this truly impressive island and its overwhelming beauty with all travelers visiting Rhodes. We wish to extend a warm welcome to all visitors and hope that you enjoy a delightful and pleasant stay on the island. Without a doubt, the splendid destination of Rhodes makes a lasting impression on all who visit here.

We also wish to provide you with the necessary information regarding the exclusive and high-quality services provided by our associate Knowledgeable Tour/Drivers and Experienced Licensed Tour Guides. During the seven months of the tourist season (April - October) we do our utmost to offer you a unique experience through our reputable and long-standing hospitality.

For anyone who wants to escape the pressures of modern life, Rhodes is definitely well worth a visit and “Rhodes Private Tours” is the best way to get around.


Nicholas - Rhodes Private Day Tours

Nicholas A. Rhodes was born in Alexandria, Egypt. His parents were Greek, from the big “Hellenic Community of Alexandria”. (Greek Community of Alexandria)

After finishing high school he continued with his education as a programming and system designer. At the same time his brother Michael was finishing the Tourism College in Cairo. After graduating they both moved to Athens for a few years and eventually settled on the beautiful island of Rhodes where they became involved with the ever growing tourism trade. Nick found enough time to marry and produce two adorable children - one son and one daughter. Nick and Michael now run a professional and successful private tours business.

Nick and Michael are fluent in Greek (obviously!), English and Arabic are perfect (spoken and written), Spanish, German and Italian are comprehensible, also some French - enough for basic conversation.

ATTENTION: We are aware that some websites have appropriated our name in order to advertise their services. Please be assured that we are the ORIGINAL RHODES PRIVATE TOURS. Go to our two official websites: www.RhodesPrivateTours.com and www.RhodesShoreExcursions.com and begin the process of choosing the best possible experience for your visit.

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