Medieval City & Gates / West Coast & Our Lady of Filerimos / East Coast & Lindos / Feraklos Castle in Haraki

This tour is for people who are interested in the Knights of the Order of St John and their military architecture. You will be taken to the most important gates of the Medieval City. Each has its own unique design. Then you will be driven out of town to sites that contain mediaeval castles, towers, forts and monasteries. You can try on your "inner Knight" and explore what life was like when the Knights of St John ruled the island.

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(Stop Photos) = Stop and get out of the vehicle for photos from outside of the Sight/Building Guided Tour (stay close to vehicle)

(Stop Visit Photos) Stop and visit - go inside the Sight/building with your tour guide for photos and Guided Walking Tour

Private Tour Activity Level: Moderate (or "Easy" if you skip the Acropolis of Lindos)

Private Tour Guide English speaking experienced licensed tour guide specialize in Private Tours

Private Tour Driver English speaking professional driver specialize in Private Tours

Private Tour Vehicle: Mercedes Benz - Depend on the size of your group

Private Tour Start Time: 8:30 AM. Or later. If you are a Cruise Ship Passenger - depend on your cruise ship dock time.

Private Tour Meeting Point: Cruise Port / Hotel / Airport (Meeting point varies depending on option booked)

Private Tour Description:

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You will be driven to St. John Gate or Red Gate from your designated location. This will mark the beginning of your Guided Walking Tour, making your way across the neighborhoods and alleyways of the Medieval City where you can take pictures (from outside) of some of the most important monuments of this trip include; Gate of St Athanasius, D’Amboise Gate, Ruins of Sent John Cathedral, Grand Masters Palace, Street of the Knights, New Hospital of the Knights, Our Lady of the Castel (Stop Photos) Your walking tour concludes at the Marina Gate.


From here on out, you will exit Rhodes Town on vehicle and make your way to the west portion of the island towards the Acropolis of Ialyssos, Filerimos. You will visit the church of Our Lady of Filerimos, and the exterior of Filerimos Monastery which was built by the Knights of St. John. You’ll also visit the “Way of the Cross”. Guided Walking Tour (Stop Visit Photos)


is your next stop. It is located along the east portion of the island, just a scenic drive from the west coast, making way across little villages.


You will make a brief stay at the iconic pottery workshop where the beautiful pieces of art are made. Here you can observe the potter make his art and craft and lay the mystery to rest. Guided Tour (Stop Visit Photos)


The drive along the coast will take you to an elevated point that will reveal the strikingly beautiful Acropolis of Lindos with its white village situated in a picturesque bay below. (Stop Photos)


You will make your way to St. Paul’s Bay towards the south of Lindos, where legend has it that Apostle Paul landed sometimes around year 51 to spread the word of Christianity to the Rhodians. The cave in which the film “The Guns of Navarone” was shot also comes into view. Guided Tour (Stop Photos)


After reaching Lindos village, your Guided Walking Tour starts. You and your tour guide will walk up the narrow cobblestone pathway to the peak of the summit of the Acropolis, revealing the Fortifications of the Knights of St. John Hospitallers. (Stop Visit Photos)


On your return journey, you will make a brief stop at the Charaki Village, giving you ample opportunities to take pictures (from a distance) of the famous Feraklos Castle. The structure itself is in complete ruin and only a few areas of the external wall still exist. Guided Tour (Stop Photos)

This place once belonged to the Byzantine Empire before it was captured on Tuesday 20 September 1306 by the Knights Hospitallers. By 1408, the castle as in complete shambles before it was restored under the Giovanni Battista Orsini (1467-76) and the Grand Master Pierre D’Aubusson (1476-1503) to defend the place from invaders.

The fortified castle was captured by the Ottomans just a few months later after a long siege. Feraklos Castle was the final stronghold in Rhodes to fall to foreign invasion by the Ottomans. On Thursday 2 January 1523, the Knights evacuated Rhodes while the Ottomans abandoned the castle shortly thereafter.


The return journey will take you to the sandy beaches of Faliraki through the coastal road and the Kallithea Sea.


Upon returning to Rhodes Town, you may choose to be dropped back to your hotel or back to your ship, or near the city gates of the Old Town for independent browsing. You would then be responsible for your own return to the ship on foot, which will be docked approximately a quarter mile away.

Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Q: How long are the stops? Will we have time to really take photos?

A: Yes, plenty of time, you also use Headsets which is mean you can hear your tour guide talking so long as you are in 25-50 feet of him. This way you can look around, get your photos and not huddled together. Your guide also watches how the tour progresses at each landmark and adjust the tour accordingly.

+ Q: How much are the entrance fees to Acropolis and the Monastery of Filerimos?

A: Entrance fee to Acropolis and Monastery is 6 euro per person. Seniors (with Id or Passport) 3 Euros / person. Children under 18 years old free.

+ Q: How much is the entrance fee in the Acropolis of Lindos?

A: Entrance fee is 12 Euros per person in the Acropolis. Seniors (with Id or Passport) 6 Euros per person. Children under 18 years old free. No charge to enter Lindos village.

+ Q: What is Rhodes known for, in terms of food / beverage and souvenirs? What's the one thing we shouldn't miss?

A: The Traditional Food of Rhodes, Wines the famous handmade Rhodes Pottery, Ceramics, and the beautiful Rhodes Beaches

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