Museum of Decorative Arts - Folklore Museum Rhodes Greece

The Folklore Museum, which is administered by the Museum of Modern Greek Art, offers a glimpse into the extensive history of the island of Rhodes. The building, that once served as the arsenal of the Knights Hospitaller, houses collections of artifacts from Rhodes’ past. Exhibits include Rhodian ceramics, tapestries and needlework from the 17th century, and a wide range of traditional clothing and costumes with rich embroidery. Also included inside the museum is a reconstruction of a medieval home, giving visitors an idea of what life was like in Rhodes a century ago. The Museum located in the Old Town “Plateia Argyrokastrou”, Rhodes, Greece.

Even if ancient remains do not excite, the Museum of Decorative Arts with its insight into life during the past couple of hundred years, will interest all the family. The Museum is to be found within a building that once served as the Knight’s arsenal and is home to an extensive array of Dodecanese artifacts and treasures. The Museum includes many old and hard-carved wooden furniture, along with brightly colored Rhodian style pottery and exquisite needlework are elegant reminders of an earlier culture, from the 17th century onwards. A reconstruction of the interior of a traditional Rhodian house provides a good insight into everyday life. Many exhibits seem to originate from the island of Symi where women could appear well provided with rich dresses.

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