Top 10 reasons to visit Rhodes Greece

Top 10 reasons to visit Rhodes Greece

1) UNESCO Heritage Sites:

In Rhodes you have the oportunity to see some of the most amazing monuments of Greece such as the breathtaking Medieval City of Rhodes (Unesco Heritage Site), the famous Acropolis of Lindos (the second most visited Acropolis in Greece, after Athens Acropolis!) the Acropolis of Iallysos… and more…

10 reasons to visit Rhodes Greece

2) Climate:

Rhodes is the sunniest place in Greece, with perfect climate conditions. Rhodes Island delivers the ideal climate that offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy memorable holidays. You can swim off its east coast from mid-April to October.

Top 10 reasons to visit Rhodes Island Greece

3) Safety & Cleanliness:

Rhodes Island is a safe travel destination. You’re very unlikely to experience crime in Rhodes. Even for solo women travellers safety is not an issue!

Rhodes is not only a safe Island but also is a clean and green city where nature is present even in the city centre with parks. Very tiny amount of graffiti, and pretty large squad of cleaners that pick up any wayward trash relatively quickly.

10 reasons to visit the Island of Rhodes Greece

4) Traditional Food & Wine:

The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world and for someone who’s addicted to sea food and fresh vegetables the traditional Rhodian dishes are excellent. Also the wines of Rhodes are famous for their great taste and quality since ancient times, because the wineries and distilleries of the island produce delicious wines from the island’s vineyards which are beneficing from the fertility of the soil and the constant sun.

Rhodes private tours and shore excursions, Greece

5) Photography:

Whether you’re an enthusiast or a professional photographer, the natural beauty of Rhodes and the Medieval City will inspire your creativity and expand your technical skills. It’s hard to take a bad picture in Rhodes!!

Top ten reasons to visit Rhodes Greece

6) Romance:

Experience a romantic vacation, in an incredible setting. Rhodes Island is synonymous with a destination wedding, honeymoon and romance… Also the natural beauty of Rhodes is a seductive backdrop to start a “dangerous liaison”…

Ten reasons to visit Rhodes

7) Beaches:

The big attraction of Rhodes is the fabulous clean beaches that surround the entire island. Visit Rhodes and find the perfect beach for whatever your pleasure, a tremendous variety. From snorkeling and swimming to a quiet Rhodes beach getaway. Like many European tourist resorts allows topless sunbathing on most of its beaches and even has one designated for nude sunbathing.

Top 10 reasons to visit Rhodes Island Greece

8) People:

The Rhodian people are lovely. They are friendly, polite and warm. On some small villages you feel like you could rent a room and stay for a few months!

10 reasons to visit the Island of Rhodes Greece

9) Accommodation:

In Rhodes Island you will find a large selection of accommodations, ranging from the most luxurious hotels to the self catering studios, rental apartments, private villas and houses.

Rhodes private tours and shore excursions, Greece

10) Easy accessibility:

It’s easy to get to. Whether by ship or airplane, Rhodes is easy to reach.

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