The Ostrich Farm and Zoo Park in Rhodes Greece

For both young and old alike the Rhodes Ostrich Farm is well - worth a visit. This Farm is a family run tourist attraction and is guaranteed to delight its visitors with its ever-growing range of animals. The facility lies within close distance from the Valley of the Butterflies, and about 20km (12mi) from Rhodes Town on the west coast, it covers a total area of acres. Within this wisely arranged enclave one has the opportunity to get a closer look at the corpulent, lavishly feathered birds living within a purely natural environment.

Also to be seen are various kinds of rare animals such as: Camel, foxes, kangaroo, a lama, a monkey, antelopes, dwarf goats, ponies, rabbits, ferrets, skunks, roe deer, black swans, different types of ducks, golden pheasants, yellow Mongolian parrots, partridges and a diversity of other birds from every continent.

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