The Museum of Modern Greek Art Municipal Gallery

The Modern Greek Art Museum displays works of sculpture, painting, drawing and engraving, along with documents of historical value. The purpose of the Museum is to present the history of Greece through the eyes and the soul of Greek artists of the 20th century. Three buildings comprise the Museum of the Modern Greek Art in Rhodes.

The Main Gallery

The Museum of Modern Greek Art is situated at the entrance of the Medieval Town, 2, Symi Square. The preparations for the creation of the Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes started in 1950 and the opening ceremony was held in 1964. Andreas Ioannou, a distinguished student of Modern Greek Art and at the same time the prefect of Dodecanese was the first to vision the creation of the Museum of Modern Greek Art of the 20th century in Rhodes.

The Municipal Art Gallery housing one of most significant collections of the Modern Greek Painting in Greece, hosting a total of 690 exhibits. Featuring works by Maleas, Bouzianis, Kontoglou, Theofilos, Vassiliou, Hadzikyriakos-Gikas, Spyropoulos and other prominent Greek artists, is an invaluable experience for the scholar of Modern Greek painting. The visitor can see some of the most significant examples of their work. Many of the paintings have been part of official exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad.

  • Engravings of the 19th - 20th centuries (permanent collection).
  • European Engravings - Dodecanese (during winter).
  • Publications - Posters, and Gifts.

The New Gallery "Nestorideion Melathron"

The New Gallery of the Modern Greek Art Museum located in the picturesque Hundred Palms Square near the historic “Grande Albergo delle Rose” hotel. New Town G. Haritos Square

The collection of the New Art Gallery includes works by K. Maleas, C. Parthenis, F. Kontoglou, Theophilos, N. Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Sp. Vassiliou, J. Spyropoulos, Y. Gaitis, Fassianos, Kessanlis, Chr. Botsoglou, Moralis, Tsarouchis and many other Greek artists.

  • 20th century Modern Greek Art.
  • A Permanent Exhibition of Collections.
  • Educational Programmes.
  • Publications - Posters and Gifts.

The Modern Art Center

The Gallery of the Modern Art Centre situated at the main thoroughfare in the Medieval Town “Palaio Syssitio”, 179, Sokratous str

In 2000 the museum acquired the use of the “Palaio Syssitio” (Old Almshouse) building as an exhibition hall. It houses the maps and engravings of Rhodes and other islands of the Dodecanese which were donated by Mrs. Zoe York. From time to time, the Modern Art Center organizes exhibitions of works of art created by contemporary artists.

  • Temporary Exhibitions.
  • European Engravings - Dodecanese (during summer).
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