Rhodes Island Private Accessible Tours



This service is available for people that have physical disabilities or those that have a particular dislike of high climbs and long walks.

You don’t need to be afraid if you have a disability of some kind. If you use a wheelchair or any other physical mobility instrument, that’s no reason to have to be hampered by it when exploring this beautiful island and all its hidden treasures.

Those using manual wheelchairs can be accommodated in our Mercedes Benz Sedans. These have a kerb high, which makes the transfer from a wheelchair much easier than other cars out there. Once you have successfully settled in the car, the wheelchair can be folded up and easily stored in the large trunk.

We customize our private tours on the island to suit your needs. The walking time is minimal. We have instead opted for shorter walking tour options and longer accessible driving tours to make this as accessible for people as possible. This allows us to avoid obstructions and hindrances of all kinds, such as steep hills and cobblestones. Our associate tour drivers will also be available to assist you at all times.


Rhodes port does not require tendering of passengers going ashore.

We would appreciate advance notification for people requiring wheel-chair assistance, as we need to request permission to drive unto your ship and certain areas around the island.

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