Shore Trips - Rhodes West Coast in Pictures

We set out from the town of Rhodes and follow the road which leads to the southwest, parallel to the western coast of the island. We pass through the settlements of Kritika with its tiny houses and sun-baked Ixia to arrive at Ialyssos -Trianda, home of the famous ancient boxer Diagoras of Rhodes.

The road passes through the village, and after winding upwards for 5.5 kilometers along the densely wooded flanks of the Philerimos mountain, we come to the ruins of the acropolis of Ancient Ialyssos.

We return by the same road to the main highway and continue to the southwest towards Kremasti [12 kilometers, from the town of Rhodes], a village with ample tourist accommodation, shops, etc… On our way to the southwest we pass Paradisi. Three kilometers further on, beyond Paradisi, a road to the left (7 kilometers) comes to the enchanting site of Petaloudes (Butterflies), 26 kilometers from the town of Rhodes.

We continue westwards along the coast (35 kilometers of Rhodes) to the archeological site of Ancient Kamiros. The town of Kamiros was founded by the Dorians, just like lalyssos and Lindos and its located 37 km / 23 ml from Rhodes City.

We continue south and visit the mediaeval Castle of Kritinia (of the Knights of St. John Hospitallers) located just outside the village of Kritinia, built in the 16th century which stands proudly overlooking the bay atop a pine clad hill.

Then your journey to Monolithos will take you along a beautiful, 20 km / 12 miles drive of the west coast of the island, through natural pine tree woods revealing beautiful Aegean Sea vistas. On the way, you stop at a vantage point for a closer view of the little beautiful islands. On your left side is the green of the pine trees and on your right, is the turquoise blue of the Aegean Sea.

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