Top 10 Reasons to Book with Us


Direct Local Price

We create and operate our own tours then offer them directly to you. Discover Rhodes Island with help from true insiders…

Best Value for Money Services

Our private guided tours are fully guided/escorted by licensed passionate tour guides that will follow you on every step of your way. We don’t cut corners to cover costs. No compromise on quality. Best ratio of price to experiences and service.

No Full Prepayment

A deposit to secure your reservation. Book now and pay at the end of the tour.

Flexible Cancellation Policy

There is no cancellation charge if we receive at least 20 days’ notice of your cancellation before the start of the service. If you are a cruise ship passenger and for some reasons your ship doesn’t dock to Rhodes, we’ll refund the deposit. No port, No pay, it’s so simple.

No Fee for Booking Changes

If you book a guided tour online and then you change your mind, you can rebook another tour without fee. We just need at least 7 days’ notice of your Booking Changes before the start of the service. Attention: Services (and booking changes) are provided based on availability. Please note that availability is unpredictable and can change from moment to moment based on the reservations we receive.

No Extra Charges

All Vehicle, Driver and Tour Guide expenses are included in the price. No extra charges.

100% Flexibility - Experienced Knowledgeable Team

Flexibility is our greatest strength. Complete custom guided tour service available at no extra charge! Your experienced Tour Guide will help with small changes on the Go, even after the tour has started. Attention: the tour changes must fit in your Tour Duration. If your tour is a Half Day 5:00 hours the changes must be done in this time frame, You Cannot Extend the Tour (No last-minute extensions)

Personalized Customer Service

Respect for your freedom and individuality. We look at every detail of your tour and offer you quality services that sophisticated travellers demand and deserve.

Prompt Response

We answer your emails within 24 hours. (Human response email. No auto responds)

Back to the Ship on Time: (If you are a cruise ship passenger)

We are extremely cautious and responsible drivers, and our fleet is always a high standard. We always allow sufficient time for the return trip. However even if the “unthinkable” event, broken vehicle, damage, does occur. That will by no means an impact the private tour since we will replace the damaged vehicle in a mater of 10 to 15 min wherever that be!

How is that possible? We corporate with the biggest transfer companies on the island. Just a call and there will be NO PROBLEM whatsoever! You will be driven safely back to your ship/plane for departure.

Rhodes Destinations and Unique Attractions - Find Your Tour by AttractionGet to Know the Historical Sites and Natural Beauty of Rhodes Island

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No problem, we can create and customize a personalized itinerary for you. Tell us about your Tour!

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